Beautiful Fences


Let Your Property Stand Out

Let your property stand out with beautiful fences. Turn to Rock Bottom Fencing Inc. We install and repair a wide variety of fences, including animal and security fences. Our fences are made from the finest materials in the market, so expect them to last long despite the ravages of the environment.


Locally Owned

Enjoy Privacy With Our Fences

Keep your property hidden from inquisitive eyes with high and sturdy fences. This way, you can ensure your whole family's privacy day and night. Be confident that no matter what you do, your home and everything in it are shielded from the outside world.

Start Protecting Your Property

How sure are you when it comes to your property's safety? Is there something that keeps it protected from trespassers and stray animals? Get the peace of mind you deserve by installing fences around your home. Fences will keep your home secure even when you are not around. Call us at 360-782-1373 to learn more about our fencing services.